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  • 《2019-2020学年新竹园中学八上英语期中》由会员分享,可在线阅读,更多相关《2019-2020学年新竹园中学八上英语期中(8页珍藏版)》请在万象文库上搜索。


    1、Part 2 Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar (30%)II. Choose the best answer (12%)1. Which is different from others?A. awardB. turkeyC. workD. prefer2. I dont know _.A. if he is at homeB. that he is at home C. whether is he at homeD. if is he at home3. Betty used to _ to school, but now she _ to school by bus on weekdays.A。

    2、. walking, goes B. walking, is goingC. walk, goes D. walk, is going4. The World Wide Web makes it easier _ information.A. to findB. findC. findingD. found5. Would you tell me how long I can _ this magazine from the library?A. borrowB. returnC. buyD. keep6. Learning _ countrys language is a better way of knowing _ cultu。

    3、re behind it.A. the, aB. a, theC. /, the D. a, the7. Four students of the Drama Club come from Grade 7, _ all come from Grade 8.A. another B. otherC. the otherD. the others8. - _ do millions of online users visit the home page of the government?- To read the news and search for the information they need.A. WhenB. Where。

    4、C. WhyD. What9. Jenny told me that she _ an English Speech Contest the next month.A. takes part in B. is taking part inC. took part inD. would take part in10. - Did you go to Jims birthday party?- No, I _.A. havent invited B. didnt inviteC. am not invitedD. wasnt invited11.This is _ hole.A. a one-meters-deep B. a one-m。

    5、eter-deepC. an one meter-deep D. an one-meters-deep12. A: Im happy to be here for my six-month English course. B: _A. Help yourself.B. Enjoy your stay hereC. Thanks a lot D. Be carefulIII. Complete the following passage with the words in the box. Each can only be used once.(5%)There once was a little boy who wanted to 。

    6、meet god. One day he started his journey with pies and some bottles of beer. When be had gone about three blocks, he met an old woman. She was sitting in the park,_1_ at Some birds. This boy sat down _2_ her and would like to take a drink when he noticed that the old lady looked hungry so he offered her a pie. She glad。

    7、ly accepted it and smiled at him. Her smile was so pretty that the boy wanted to see it again, so he _3_ her a bottle of beer. Once again she smiled at him. They sat there all afternoon eating and smiling, but never said a word.As it grew darker, the boy got up to leave. He gave the woman a hug. When the boy opened the。

    8、 door to his own house _4_, his mother was surprised by the look of joy on his face. She asked him, What did you do today that made you so happy? He replied, I had lunch with, God. Shes got the most beautiful smile Ive never seen!_5_, the old woman, also full of joy, returned to her home. Her son was surprised at the l。

    9、ook of peace on her face and he asked, Mother, what did you do today that made you so happy?” She replied, I ate pies in the park with God. You know, hes much younger than I expected.”IV. Fill the blank with a proper word. (7%)1.Theyve been living and working _ with members of various ethnic group. (peaceful)2.Help may。

    10、 also come from some _ places. (expect)3.Bettys _ in winning the medal made all of us proud of her. (successful)4.After the meeting, he complied without _. (argue)5.The old should be spoken to _. (polite)6.I am very uncomfortable, _ on this hard, cold floor. (lie)7.The pupil was so _ that everyone didnt believe their e。

    11、yes. (amaze)V. Rewrite the sentences as required. (6%)1.The boy forgot how he could pass the final exam. (改为简单句)A. come to B. a short time later C. meanwhile D. staring E. next to F. offered The boy forgot _ the final exam.2.The bookshelf so high that the boy cant reach the top of it. (保持原句意思) The bookshelf isnt _ reac。

    12、h the top.3.The park is two kilometers walk from our school. (对划线部分提问) _?4.Hes a boy of few words, _? (改反意疑问句)5.The headmaster wrote an email to the students who won the top prize in the contest. (改被动语态) The students who won the top prize _ by head master in the contest.6.through, freedom, moments, he, a few, escaped, 。

    13、the, later, door, to,(连词成句) _Part 3 Reading and writing (46%). Reading comprehension (30%)A. Read the passage and choose the best answer. (5%)Some people think that success is only for those with talent or those who grow up in the right family, and others believe that success mostly comes down to luck. Im not going to 。

    14、say luck, talent, and circumstances dont come into play because they do. Some people are born into the right family while others are born with great intelligence, and thats just the reality of how life is.However, to succeed in life, one first needs to set a goal and then gradually make it more practical. And, in addit。

    15、ion to that, in order to get really good at something, one needs to spend at least 10,000 hours studying and practicing. To become great at certain things, itll require even more time, time that most people wont put in.This is a big reason why many successful people advise you to do something you love. If you dont enjo。

    16、y what you do, it is going to feel like unbearable pain and will likely make you quit well before you ever become good at it.When you see people exhibiting some great skills or having achieved great success, you know that they have put in a huge part of their life to get there at a huge cost. Its sometimes easy to thin。

    17、k they got lucky or they were born with some rare talent, but thinking that way does you no good, and theres a huge chance that youre wrong anyway.Whatever you do, if you want to become great at it, you need to work day in and day out, almost to the point of addiction, and over a long period of time. If youre not willi。

    18、ng to put in the time and work, dont expect to receive any rewards. Consistent, hard work wont guarantee you the level of success you may want, but it will guarantee that you will become really good at whatever it is you put all that work into.1. Paragraph 1 mainly talks about _.A. the reason for successB. the meaning 。

    19、of successC. the standards of successD. the importance of success 2. In Paragraph 2, the underlined word that refers to _.A. being good at somethingB. setting a practical goalC. putting in more timeD. succeeding in life3. Successful people suggest doing what one loves because _.A. work makes one feel painB. one tends t。

    20、o enjoy his workC. one gives up his work easilyD. it takes a lot of time to succeed 4. What can be inferred from Paragraph 4?A. Successful people like to show their great skills.B. People sometimes succeed without luck or talent.C. People need to achieve success at the cost of life.D. It helps to think that luck or tal。

    21、ent leads to success. 5. What is the main theme of the passage?A. Having a goal is vital to success.B. Being good is different from being great.C. One cannot succeed without time and practice.D. Luck, talent and family help to achieve success. B. Choose the words and complete the passage (5%)Tiffany, a 16-year-old girl。

    22、, was very, shy. Last September, her best friend, Sophie, moved abroad with her family because she had to continue her studies in America. She even said she would not come back for at least a few years. Tiffany became _1_ and helpless. I was really sad the moment I heard the bad news and I didnt know what to do, Tiffan。

    23、y recalled. “I _2_ myself in my room for a whole week. It was then that my aunt took me to sports club one Saturday and I saw so many young people playing various sports there. I signed up for a beginners course in volleyball and since then I have been playing this sport. Now I practice twice a week there. It is wonder。

    24、ful playing sports in this club and I have made lots of friends as well. Whats more, I feel I am much healthier than before.The most basic aim of playing sports is that you can improve your health even if you are not very good at sports. _3_ you can get to know a circle of people at your age while playing sports. Tiffa。

    25、ny used to be a very quiet girl. Since she joined the sports club, she has opened up herself and now she has become very _4_ and enjoys meeting and talking with others.For most people, that is one of the attractions of joining a sports club. You can get to know other young people who have similar interests. You dont ha。

    26、ve to sit down and talk to strangers. You go in for sports and it is easier to understand your partners on the same team. Now Tiffany is quite _5_ her friends and she has also gained more confidence.Try to do regular sports. The mind needs exercise as well as the body.1. A. angry B. lonely C. tiredD surprised2. A. shut。

    27、B. hurtC. enjoyedD. helped3. A. So farB. In additionC. Once againD. After all4. A. activeB strongC. luckyD. independent5. A. generous toB. different fromC. popular with D. disappointed inC. Rend the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words. (6%)Being overweight as a child was very difficult. I lived with a lot 。

    28、of laughing from other children.When I was 15 years old, I went to look for a part-time job I could work after school. Once I went to see an officer. After I e_1_ to her what job I was looking for, this woman looked at me s_2_ in the eyes and said, As heavy as you are, the only jobs you will be able to get is a dish wa。

    29、sher or to wait table.I was very angry and decided that I would n_3_ do either. I politely thanked her and left the office.A few days after that experience, I got a job as an office assistant and kept that job until I g_4_ from high school. After high school, I worked as a secretary at St. Vincents Hospital. At that ti。

    30、me I decided to go back school to learn m_5_ .After graduating from school, I went to work in a hospital. After working 5 years in the hospital, I was very lucky to be hired b_6_ a national company and worked for them for 10 years starting out making$6.85 per hour and increasing salary to just over$60,000 per year when。

    31、 I left.Today I own a company and have the time of my life. I think back often on what that woman said to me and I am very glad that I said Why Not!D. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper sentences in the box. (5%)A. sometimes all you want is a little light-hearted entertainment.B. There is never any mention of politics, poverty or war.C. Most Chinese school kids have probably never。

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