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2021-2022学年河北省九师联盟高二(上)期中英语试卷 一、阅读理解(本大题共15小题,共37.5分) A Four Best Theme Parks in the World Whether youre discovering magical characters or enjoying the thrills of an exciting ride,theme parks offer a great day out for adults and children alike.In this text I will introduce four best theme parks in the world. Tivoli Gardens Old meets new at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen,an amusement park that first opened in 1843.It sits right in the center of the city and has a range of rides,games,musicals,gardens and major concerts.With its grand status,its no wonder that Tivoli Gardens is considered one of the best theme parks in the world. Opening hours:9:00 am~8:00 pm Mon~Fri;9:30 am~9:00 pm Weekends Happy Valley Beijing Happy Valley Beijing was designed with unique sights in mind,with rides focusing on different themes.There are more than 40 rides altogether,10 of which are extreme thrill rides.Theres also an IMAX theatre with seven screens,and a shopping center. Opening hours:9:00 am~8:00 pm Mon~Fri;9:30 am~9:00 pm Weekends Six Flags Magic Mountain Originally named Magic Mountain,Six Flags Magic Mountain is a world-famous Californian theme park.There are themed areas to discover,including a DC Universe,which offers rides and attractions based on the likes of Batman and Superman. Opening hours:8:30 am~10:30 pm Mon~Thur,Sun;9:30 am~11:00 pm Fri & Sat Aquaventure Waterpark Slide through shark-filled lagoons(环礁湖)and make a huge splash (飞溅)at Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai.Its home to more than 30 rides and attractions,including the Leap of Faith,which sees you fall suddenly from nine storeys high.Aquaventure Waterpark is included in the 100 most fun things to do in Dubai! Opening hours:11:00 am~10:00 pm Mon,Wed~Sun 1. What do Tivoli Gardens and Happy Valley Beijing have in common? ______ A. They have the same opening hours. B. They are designed specially for kids. C. People can enjoy concerts in both places. D. People can shop in supermarkets. 2. Which theme park attracts kids fond of supermen? ______ A. Tivoli Gardens. B. Happy Valley Beijing. C. Six Flags Magic Mountain. D. Aquaventure Waterpark. 3. What can you see in Aquaventure Waterpark? ______ A. A magic mountain. B. A DC Universe. C. An IMAX theatre. D. Shark-filled lagoons. B Mary Wollstonecraft,a famous writer,was born on April 27,1759 in Spitalfields,London.She grew up in a difficult family situation.His father was violent and drunken every day.In 1778,she was tired of such a life and decided to take a job as a ladys companion to Sarah Dawson.This proved a difficult experience as she didnt get on well with the old lady. However,around this time,she made friends with Fanny Blood,who played an important role in widening Marys ideas.The two became very close and Fanny Bloods death in 1785 was quite a shock to Mary. For a while,Mary worked as a tutor in a large Irish family.She had a talent for teaching but took a dislike to Lady Kingsborough.To Mary,Kingsborough was not an ideal woman.In Lady Kingsborough,she saw a woman with no real independence,but primarily concerned with appearances and pleasing men.Mary later developed her thoughts on the concept of a good wife. Mary had a desire to become a writer.Mary returned to London where she met with famous men such as Thomas Paine,William Godwin and Joseph Johnson.In London,she became more aware of new political and philosophical ideas.The late eighteenth century was an era of change.The old "divine rights(王权神授)" of kings was being replaced with greater faith in human reason and liberty. In 1790,she wrote the Vindication of the Rights of Men.This sought to defend(保卫)the principles of the French Revolution against Edmund Burkes conservative critique (批评).Shortly after the Vindication of the Rights of Men,Mary wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Women.This was a ground-breaking book,as it proposed women were the equal of men. 4. How old was Mary when she met Sarah Dawson? ______ A. 19. B. 26. C. 31. D. 33. 5. What gave Mary strength during her early difficult time? ______ A. Meeting with Thomas Paine. B. Teaching in an Irish family. C. Fanny Bloods friendship. D. Lady Kingsboroughs guidance. 6. What did Mary say about Kingsborough? ______ A. She was a good wife. B. She was a talented woman. C. She was very beautiful. D. She was kind of dependent. 7. What idea does A Vindication of the Rights of Women mainly deliver? ______ A. Women should unite to fight to the death. B. Women should have the same rights with men. C. Women should serve as good wives for men. D. Women should maintain their relationships with men. C Technologically,the 20-year jump from 2015 to 2035 will be huge.Back in 1995 we were in the early days of the Internet,we worked in small rooms and our computers were heavy and powered by Windows 95.There were no touch screen phones or flat screen TVs;people laughed at the idea of reading electronic books. So,what will our world really be like in 2035?What will the future jobs and technology be like?The world in 2035 will probably be much like it is today,but smarter and more automatic.We can see the future of our work first. Taxi drivers will be replaced by self-driving Uber cars and receptionists will be replaced by robots.Doctors can use vast medical databases and travel agents will be wiped out by trip-planning,flight-booking web services.Even writers are threatened by companies such as Narrative Science,which currently uses AI to create sports reports and financial updates. Obviously,there will also be new jobs created:the computer engineer who fixes the self-driving Uber taxis,programmers,space tour guides and vertical(垂直的)farmers.Technology will continue to disrupt(扰乱) businesses and get rid of jobs,creating new professions we cant yet envisage now. Those of us who work probably wont do so in a traditional office either.Were already seeing a shift in the definition of work.Its now a task you perform,not a place you go to.Productivity is no longer measured by sitting at a desk.Theres no nine to five.No job for life. The biggest advantage of working from home is that you save a lot of time commuting back and forth to work.You can spend extra time with your children or spouse and read the newspaper instead of sitting in traffic.Of course,advanced technology will ensure that most of us can work from home. 8. Whats the function of the questions in paragraph 2? ______ A. Leading in the topic of the article. B. Raising the thinking of the readers. C. Introducing the work of the future. D. Inspiring readers to explore the future. 9. What does the underlined word "envisage" in paragraph 4 mean? ______ A. Assess. B. Ignore. C. Imagine. D. Reject. 10. Where will most people work in the future? ______ A. In the office. B. At the hotel. C. In the open air. D. At home. 11. What will be discussed in the following paragraph? ______ A. The future health. B. The future technology. C. The future marriage. D. The future transportation. D Many cities in the United States could grow their own food locally,raising enough crops and cattle to meet the needs of all residents.This is the finding of an interesting new modeling study from Tufts University,which analyzed the potential for local food production in 378 areas across the US and expected food production. The researchers found that cities in the Northwest in the United States had the greatest potential to raise their own food.Cities along the Eastern seaside and in the Southwest had the least potential and would not be able to meet all their own needs of diet,even if every acre of agricultural land was used for food production.This makes sense,as many of the cities are coastal and lack room for agricultural spreading. The study revealed that the United States have a surplus(多余的)of agricultural land for feeding the domestic(国内的)population.Currently,some land is used to raise export crops,but a focus on local food production would start a conversation about how that land gets used.In the words of Peters,lead author and associate professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts,"It would be important to make sure policies for supporting local or regional food production benefit conservation and create opportunities for farmers to adopt more sustainable(可持续的)practices.Policies should also recognize the ability of the natural resources in a given local or region and consider the supply chain,including ability for food processing and storage." Although its a far cry from the current reality,it is a nice thought to imagine cities surrounded by food production operations that transport freshly harvested food to nearby homes,and then make use of the leftover food to fertilize fields and generate heat for greenhouses. 12. The cities along the Eastern seaside fail to provide enough food because ______ . A. citizens are unwilling to grow crops B. the methods of food production are wrong C. they dont have enough land to grow crops D. their climate limits the agricultural production 13. What will the focus on local food production lead to? ______ A. More job opportunities for citizens. B. More specific policies about using land. C. Conversations with the local government. D. A discussion on how to make use of land. 14. In which section can we read this text in a newspaper? ______ A. Agriculture. B. Entertainment. C. Lifestyle. D. Sport. 15. What is the best title of this text? ______ A. The US Government Stops Wasting Food B. Many Cities in the US Can Grow Their Own Food C. Cities Learn to Grow Food From the Villages D. Farmers Have More Chances to Be Employed 二、阅读七选五(本大题共5小题,共12.5分) How Can You Protect the Value of Your Car? Do you own a motor vehicle? (1) .Your car is an investment(投资),so you need to do everything you can to protect its value.Take a look at several tips below if you have questions about your motor


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